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If you haven't already reviewed them, we highly recommend watching the various applicable videos that explain how ChurchHub works.  These and several slide decks with "how to" documents are available on the ChurchHub intro page of


Problem Summary

When I access ChurchHub, I’m not seeing all the tiles and/or boxes, such as My Professional Requirements or Find a New Ministry, which I need to access


Why is this Happening?

There are a couple of reasons why websites, and ChurchHub specifically, may not be showing up for you, as expected.  We need to do some troubleshooting to find out why this is happening, and more importantly, how to fix this.


Browsers: eg. Chrome, Safari, Edge 

Crossed out Image of Safari

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge are Browsers that allow us to see websites.  Websites are written in web code, and while browsers are supposed to show websites in the same way, this is not always the case. For example, if a browser is identified to have a security leak in their code, and hackers may be using that security leak, the browser developer needs to fix that problem. Sometimes, in fixing the problem, it leads to other issues, often temporarily. 


ChurchHub is designed to work with most major modern browsers. We test most heavily with Chrome, and if testing is successful with Chrome, then expand to other browsers. Note that we do not support Internet Explorer.


Why Chrome and not other browsers like Safari?

Chrome is by far the most used browser on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. For more information see Chrome Browser UsageThe majority of UCC products are based on Microsoft and Windows. While the church has a lot of Apple/Mac users, the Microsoft/Windows platform is more common. We do our best to test and ensure core functionality on all modern platforms, but this is not always feasible.


What if the problem is on Safari or another browser?

To troubleshoot, we often need to know if the problem is also happening on Chrome or a similar browser like new Edge. So, even when the goal is to have ChurchHub working on Safari, or another browser, we need to start troubleshooting with Chrome as we know it works best. That information will help us determine how we resolve the problem on Safari or another browser.


For more information on how different browsers affect other websites, here are some links that may be helpful:


Browser Cache Needs Cleaning

Browser cache is a storage place on your device where information from websites can be stored temporarily.  Sometimes the cache gets corrupted, or stuck and needs to be cleaned. When the cache is clean, then the website will show the most up to date information.


Here are some links with further information:


ChurchHub Bug 

There may be a problem with ChurchHub. The project team tests, and reviews new ChurchHub features, and sometimes bugs get past the test team, and the website users run into problems.


If you still have a problem with ChurchHub:


How to Help Troubleshooting? 

When you engage HelpDesk, they need details to resolve, such as: 


  • Does it happen with Chrome?
  • Does it happen with another browser?
  • Have you cleared the browser cache?
  • Who are you logged in as?
  • Is it a temporary problem, or consistent?


Tip: Make a Video or Screenshots

Some people have access to a cell phone with video, and it can really help if you provide a video to HelpDesk showing how your problem happens. This sometimes is easier than trying to write out a description. 

If video isn’t for you, you can also use built-in screenshot tools like “Snip & Sketch” in Windows 10 or hold Shift, Command, and 4 on Mac and save the file to include in your ticket for HelpDesk.


More Links:

Here are some other links that may help:



For further tips, please check HelpDesk.

Still having problems? Please open a ticket