1. How do we know if the position we submitted has been approved by regional council?
    If the position has been submitted, you will see it on your Find a New Minister page under Submitted Positions on the right side of the screen. Once the position is approved, you will also see it on the list of All Available Positions.
    Submitted Positions window
  2. Can we edit a position that we have already submitted?
    No. The position you submit has been approved as it was submitted to regional council. Any changes, such as a change in hours or a change in the position description, requires you to complete the Submit a New Position form again to be reviewed by regional council for approval.
  3. What if we want to update our community of faith profile after we’ve submitted a position?
    You can update your community of faith profile at any time. Every night the system refreshes all profiles, so any changes made one day will appear in your profile the next morning. You are encouraged to review your community of faith profile at least annually. Your regional council will want to review the changes you make to your profile.
  4. Record of Call/Appointment buttonWhere do we go to complete a record of call/appointment for the minister we are calling/appointing/reappointing?
    On your Community of Faith Profile page you will see several Quick Action buttons. The last button is the Record of Call or Appointment form.
  5. We've lost or can't find our original ChurchHub invitation. How do we get another one?
    If you know your username (usually the church office/admin e-mail address), you can use that to send yourself another invitation by using the “forgot password” link at churchhub.ca. If you don't know the username, or the e-mail for your church office/admin has been changed, please contact ministry@united-church.ca.
  6. We received an invitation to set a password, but when we try to do so it tells us the password link has expired. 
    You can simply resend yourself the invitation to set a password by going to churchhub.ca and choosing the “forgot password” link on the login page.
  7. Why do some ministry personnel on the available list have very little information in their profiles?
    At the beginning of 2019 ministry personnel could make the request to be on the available ministry personnel list without having to complete any of their profile information. This caused frustration for many communities of faith that were seeking a minister. ChurchHub was further enhanced in fall 2019 so ministers would be required to complete their profile information before they could submit a request to the Office of Vocation to be approved to search for a call or appointment.
  8. How do we contact ministers on the available positions list?
    Each minister has indicated in their profile whether they want to be contacted by e-mail or by phone. Use the e-mail address or phone number to contact them. You do not contact each other within ChurchHub.